Thinking of hosting your Christmas Party in London?

Celebrate your Christmas Party in the sky at one of London’s most stylish venues.

Choose between Atmosphere 29, which is based on the 29th floor; a clean, sophisticated and cool space; or Atmosphere 28; a contemporary, stylish and cultured event space on the 28th floor. Both with breath-taking views of the London skyline.

Our event staff are dedicated to ensure that whichever space you decide to go with for your Christmas party in London, your party is sure to be a hit if you have it with us! Choose from Atmosphere 28 or Atmosphere 29, both with breath-taking views.

Our Head Chef Barry Noonan has created a fabulously festive menu exclusively for Christmas parties at Atmosphere Venues. Select your options from a varieties of style such as street food, or fine dining. We’re fully flexible in creating menus which take into consideration dietary and personal observations. Coupled with a vast array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, you can be sure your Christmas party guests are well treated.

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