The days of passive exhibiting are well and truly over. We’ve all been to an exhibition or conference which seems to be happening around us rather than drawing us in, and we’re happy to say, it’s not the way we like to do things at Altitude London.

In the modern world of events, it’s important for organisers to cut through the noise and offer their guests more added value than a simple space and a few stands. So, how can event professionals ensure that they’re immersing guests into the exhibition experience rather than disengaging them?

Thought leadership

One of the best ways to ensure attendees remain engaged during an exhibition is the use of thought leadership presentations, workshops and panels. The modern consumer craves experiences which offer the opportunity to learn and develop, so introducing an industry expert to share some wisdom, or offering guests the chance to get hands on with a new piece of kit is a sure-fire way to bolster your event programme and create a more immersive overall experience.


This is something we believe should be part of any event, but even more so at exhibitions. Nothing helps people connect with a brand, product or service better than a chance to get up-close and personal with it. Exhibitors should therefore aim to offer an element of interactivity to take guests from a passive audience member to a willing participant.

This could be done through gamified experiences, competitions, networking areas or even a good old fashioned Q&A. Anything which pulls attendees to the centre of the event experience and gives them a good reason to interact, not only with the exhibitors, but other guests too, will make for a much higher return on experience and ultimately a better ROI for planners.

An inspiring setting

It’s all well and good having a fantastic exhibition programme with learning opportunities and interactive elements, however, without an equally inspiring setting, the event is likely to fall flat. Our environment has a big impact on our attitude, so it’s important to ensure your venue is uplifting your event experience rather than dampening it.

Our Sky Loft and Altitude 360 spaces for example offer wrap-around views of the London skyline and the river Thames, while flooding the spaces with natural light. We often find that guests will make use of these views for photo opportunities, a quick selfie or as the striking backdrop to an element of their event. This gives guests a strong reason to share their experience and makes for a much more inspirational setting than your typical exhibition centre!

To ensure our events always offer something different, we recently introduced our #eventsgonewild initiative which focuses on the added value elements which really take an exhibition to the next level and increase ROI. This could be anything from themed street food stations and DIY smoothie bars, to bean bag seating and window pens which allow guests to scribble on the windows during brainstorming!

The key takeaway to consider is the fact that visitors are no longer content with passively attending an exhibition if they don’t feel like there is something to gain which they couldn’t get somewhere else. Combine thought leadership sessions, an element of interactivity and an inspiring setting, and you’ll be well on your way to taking your exhibition game to the next level!

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Amber Holdforth, Head of Sales at Altitude London

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